Student Personality Of The Month: Exclusive Interview With The Patterson Twinz

Hi everyone,meet Miss.Patterson Joanna Rafiat and Patterson Lilianna Ramot a.k.a the Patterson Twinz; 3rd year students of the Department of Sociology and Political science at the University of Port Harcourt respectively.The Pattersons are an embodiment of beauty with brains.Gingered by the unique templates that are written all over the grandeur that is deposited in them,Vasiti had an exclusive interview with them and as they always were,they left the unsurpassed words.Let’s take our time to read through it.


Tell me about yourself?

Hi, our names are Patterson Joanna Rafiat and Patterson Lilianna Ramot from Patterson twinz.We are currently in our third year in the University of Port Harcourt at the department of  sociology and political science respectively.We are commercial models/Social influencers and the brand ambassador of the Genesis 2017 nationwide.Patterson twinz(PTZ) is the name of our brand that we were able to start up over time and so far, it has been a ride of experience.


How did you feel when you and your twin sister became the brand ambassador of the Genesis  Grouping 2017?

At first, we were overtaken by mixed feelings since it is an easy thing to deceive models these days.So,we didn’t raise our hopes too high and confirmed from the right people.Amazingly enough, friends told us when the billboard surfaced.  It  was a pretty wave of splendour that brought us to limelight and attracted bigger gigs.

What do you learn from the commercial modelling ?

We learn a lot  from being commercial models everyday but over the years, the major thing is that modelling is not a biased concept. It is not a respecter of height,size,color or any sort.

What is your greatest strength and how did it help you to become what you are today?

One of our greatest strength  is the fact that we are twin. Of course,there are so many mixed race models but what has kept us at the top of the chart is being a twin and that is priceless.


If you could change a significant thing in the world, what would it be?

If we could change a significant thing in the world, it would be inequality; if we can feel comfortable with our fingers being unequal,then we can learn to love the people above and beneath us.

Amidst deceptions and selfishness, how can we make this world a better place to live in?

Love is the only way to build a better place.


What is the essence of being a woman?

Women have great multitasking skills; it is a crystal ball of uniqueness that permeates around women and it is our essence to add value to the society without lacking in our feministic roles in the family.But then,only few people values that core essentials.

Would you  prefer to be born as a man or woman in your next life?

We will want to come out as women again.


Tell me about how you slog through being a beauty queen and school activities? How do you get through it?

It hasn’t been easy balancing school with our career. Sometimes,we try to relax our nerves and work at any opportuned moment.We fill in for each other when we have individual jobs or test at school.


There is a group of people that dislikes modelling in all respects. What will you tell them?

To be frank,we never thought that we would delve  into modeling because of the same perception given to the career. We have come to the realisation that  modeling is not based on negativity, it depends on how you carry yourselves.

Who is your role model and why?

We won’t say a role model in actuality but if there is anyone that  we admire, it  is “Derenle Edun”.He is  one celebrity that we think doesn’t ever run out of energy.

What piece of advice do you have for budding beauty queens?

To potential beauty queens,our candid piece of advice is for them to work on themselves and learn the ethics of being a model as well as getting in to the right agency. More importantly, leave the rest to God.


What do you think of Vasiti?

I think recognizing students who strikes a balance  between school activities and their respective career is refreshing and encouraging. Vasiti is doing a great job recognizing that.

If we could change one thing as a team (VASITI), what do you think it would be?

For every team to work effectively, they need unity.













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