Student Personality Of The Month: Exclusive Interview With Mr Akinpelu Abraham

Hi everyone, meet Mr.Akinpelu Abraham; a 400 level student of the Department of Estate Management at  the University Of Lagos.He is a Compere with Class, Emcee with style and Public Speaker with Expression.He has served as a host for many events including the ones in his institution and has many awards in his bag. One of the award is the Choice Compere/Host 2018 Male Category for the Nigerian Teens Choice Award.Abraham is indeed endowed with  a great personality that is worthy of emulation.No wonder, he said that he is a purpose driven guy.Tell me, what happens to a man that has his purpose in his bag and then carries and executes it everyday? Abraham is a typical embodiment of a man who lives by purpose and reaps the fruit of purpose. Vasiti had an exclusive interview with this man of passion and purpose and he humbly walks us step by step through his purposeful journey.

Walk me through your background and your most stimulating experience if any?

My name is  Akinpelu Abraham a.k.a AB Akynz.Born in Oyo State but bred in Lagos.I am a 400 level Student of the Department of Estate Management at the University of Lagos.I like meeting new people, making friends and immersing myself in intellectual discussions. I am a professional compere, a record breaker and an award winner. Recently, I won an award at The Nigerian Teens Choice Award in July for Choice Compére / Host 2018 Male Category. I have volunteered in many organizations and events as a host which has made me carve a niche for myself. Well, my personality laid a brilliant foundation for me as a public speaker since even as a child, I always loved engaging in music shows,stage dramas and all other stuffs that draws public attention. It was this foundation that served as stepping stones to my subsequent key roles.

How would your friends describe you?

I feel they’d describe me as the playful, annoying, optimistic, God fearing and purpose driven type.


What inspires you and why?

Try to believe me when I say everything and anybody that are in my social circle inspires me. This is because I don’t pally with just anybody.I pally with men of purpose and this is because purpose is what gingers me to achieve the best.I love purpose because it doesn’t make me lose sight of my destination.

Why Emcee Abraham and not Singer Abraham or probably Comedian Abraham?

First off, it’s not Emcee Abraham. I am just Ab Akynz. I don’t like the idea of adding the word ‘MC’ to one’s name because it restricts one to only stage events and I am planning to go beyond that. Hmmm…Why not a musician or a singer? I am really good at singing and cracking expensive jokes but you know, there are many things that man can do but not all are indeed man’s purpose.


Communication industry is actually a competitive one.What makes you steal the show when there are various people  who are ready to stand in front of the same crowd  in the same show with you?

Well, I host events after series of premeditated rehearsals.I garnish it with sophisticated appearance and ball in charisma.

Have you ever faced any challenge as a compere? If any,how did you overcome it?

I have faced a lot.This is because every events has its peculiarities, so the challenges may differ depending on the kind of event.The challenges may be money issues as per personal relationships,late schedules e.t.c.The thing is, I don’t get distracted by them and instead, i  always remain focused.


How do you juggle your career  with  school activities?

Honestly, the combination is pretty difficult but time management and planning has been very effective. I try as much as possible to make sure the vacuum of the  class that becomes an item of sacrifice can always be filled.

Do you wish to continue with this career after school?

Of course, I love what i do  and i believe that I can make a living from it.


What piece of advice do you have for budding Emcees or Compere?

Discover your self , know your strength and weakness, work on your weakness, carve a niche  in the area of your strength, get a mentor and most importantly, take corrections and listen to criticism.


What do you think we can do better as a team?

There are still  some schools   in Nigeria that doesn’t know about Vasiti. Reaching out to these schools isn’t a bad idea.


What do you think of us?

Vasiti is really doing good at what they do.Thumbs up,guys.



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