Student Personality Of The Month: Exclusive Interview With Miss Charming Nigeria 2017

Hi everyone,meet Queen Nwodo Precious; a 400 level Medical Student Of the University Of Nigeria,Nsukka. She is the Current Miss Charming Nigeria 2017 and the CEO of Queen Precious Nwodo Foundation.Miss Charming is a damsel that is endowed with a distinct and amazing Personality.She believes that the best way to make the world a better place is by sticking to a great cause and that is  service to humanity. To women that underestimate themselves,they are women full of strength and wisdom.To people who think that their voices are hidden, heard voices are sweet but unheard voices are sweeter. Vasiti had an exclusive  interview with her and she walks us step by step through her Personality Journey.


Tell me about yourself?

My name is  Queen Precious Nwodo;a 400 level Medical Student of  the University of Nigeria,Nsukka. I was born on  the 11th day of the Leo( May 11 ).  My Provenance is the isi-uzo local government area in Enugu State . I am the current Miss Charming Nigeria 2017 and the very CEO of Queen Precious Nwodo Foundation . I am also the Brand ambassador of Mysha beauty products and Rki dynasty services and on and on like that. Of course, I am a lady endowed with simplicity,someone who knows what she wants and goes for it. I love humanity and I love God too.

How did you feel when you became the luckiest possessor of  Miss Charming crown?

I felt honoured and excited.The crowd coupled with the flashes from the media men made the day a great moment for me.

What did you learn from the Pageantry Competition back then?

Actually,  I learnt the power of  fueling up three virtues constantly  from the Pageantry Competition viz: determination, hospitality and focus. I learnt martial arts and taekwondo too.It was really a swell time for me.

What was your greatest strength and how did it help you to become what you are today?

Determination is one of my greatest strength. When I’m determined, I could go extra mile beyond human imagination   provided it aligns with the ways of God.

If you could change a significant thing in the world, what would it be?

If I could change a significant thing in the World, of course, it would be centred on curbing  violence and rendering humanly services to humanity.

Amidst deceptions and selfishness, how can we make this world a better place to live in?

I think this world can be better if we support one another and be truthful in what we do.

What is the essence of being a woman?

A Woman is powerful, full of strength, wisdom and loyalty. She touch lives.

Would you  prefer to be born as a man or woman in your next life?

Why not?

Tell me about how you slog through being a beauty queen and school activities? How do you get through it?

Well, it is not easy because it is  just like serving two masters at a time. The actual fact is that  hard work pays. I am always working on it , no one outweighs the other  because I love to be an educated beauty queen to pass the message across that beauty and brains is achievable .

There is a group of people that dislikes beauty contest. What will you tell them?

I respect people’s opinions . I think it is their point of view.

Who is your role model and why?

My role model goes to my beloved mum because she is a woman of substance . I respect her so much and her strength motivates me.

What piece of advice do you have for budding beauty queens?

I urge aspiring Beauty Queens  to imbibe the spirit of determination and focus in everything they do.Most importantly,they should be a praying woman.

What do you think of Vasiti?

I think Vasiti is a good platform for both Campus Students and beyond.

If we could change one thing as a team,what do you think it would be?

I think more publicity would do.



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