Student Entrepreneurship – Questions You Need To Answer Before Creating A Side Hustle In School

Beginning a side hustle while in school is a necessity which some have come to terms with. This is displayed in a stability that is shown in the skin of their businesses, the reflection of glowing successes.

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We see them everywhere, the service providers, content creators, service marketers, and our everyday friends that post the usual new bag, shoes, and wristwatches and even to delicacies like nutmeg puff puff, Japanese egg rolls, or local traditional dishes. These businesses, more often than not, are used to supplement the troubles that come from being a university student. But how do they do it and come out as the best of dual worlds?

These are the questions you need to answer before you begin your career as a student entrepreneur:

Student Entrepreneurship

Why? The Independence Or Sustenance Question

The typical universal question that cuts across all disciplines. While reading the stories of student entrepreneurs, one observes that the major factor supporting the start of most student businesses is the drive for independence. At some point, some students push to kill the ties of dependence on family and patrons.

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As a beginner in entrepreneurship, why should you entail the heart, pumping with the need for beginning and continuity? Answering this question goes a long way in deciding how much you stay in any business.

How? The meaning To The Means

In the sphere of making money, I believe that money will not come to you unless you give to it. Hence, you ought to use money to make money. Still, where will the money come from?

Student Entrepreneurship

If the drive is for independence, whom do you depend on for the capital? Also, know how much you will need to begin. The answer to these questions is one, which acts as either a spanner or spring in the wheels of your progress to your side hustle.

How Far? Ride Along, But Where?

Along the line, in a semester, every student has thought that the dividends of school cannot pay the bills. In common parlance, School will become a scam.

Student Entrepreneurship

This discovery might happen one year or two years into the educational journey. Yet, the length of sustaining this discovery becomes the stretch of many thought processes. In determining how far you can sustain your business, you ought to know ‘the how long’ you have to spend in the building that business. Will you sustain it after school or it is just a passing poverty alleviation mechanism?

Where? Where Is Your Market?

The market is the people you know who will buy into your business, buy from you, and might even buy for you.

Student Entrepreneurship

Before you begin as a student entrepreneur, we advise you to not begin without knowing who to sell to, and what you sell. In addition, you should not begin your business and start searching for who to sell your products to. You should know these before you begin your business.

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What other advice do you have for budding student entrepreneurs? Let us know by sharing your thoughts on the comment box.

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