Student Entrepreneur Of The Week: Exclusive Interview With Miss Oluwadelemi Kiitan

Hi everyone,meet miss Oluwadelemi Kiitan; a 400 level Student of pharmacy at the University of Lagos.She is a wig stylist and practically,the CEO of the wig tribe.Vasiti had an exclusive interview with her and she walks us step by step through her entrepreneurial journey.Let’s sit back and relax as she unravels the magic behind her magical business.

Can We Meet You?
I’m Oluwadelemi Ebunoluwakiitan a.k.a Kiitan.I am a 400l student of Pharmacy at the University of Lagos . I hail from Ogun state and the last issue of a Christian home.I make wigs,add colour to hair and treat weaves.As far as my business is concerned,it is just a better means on my part to earn extra cash.I am only glued to wigs and all; I enjoy crime and detective stories too.

What ignited the spark in you to venture interest in this business?
I have explored a couple of things over the years; bead making and interior decoration.I attended culinary school too(that is signalling a badass cook to you) but none of them worked out. Fascinated by the way a friend makes wig, I decided to learn. I did not look back since then.

Do you intend to go into the Business full-time after School?
Yes, my course allows for a bit of flexibility.There would be room for it.
If you had the chance to start all over again, what would you do differently?
I would have worked more on publicity. I didn’t start early until my brother practically forced me to get a business name and logo so as to go viral.

Are you an adventurous type of person? What’s the most stimulating experience you have ever had in your Entrepreneurial journey?
Of course,i am an adventurous type.I made a closure wig for a client and she tore the closure in her eagerness to try it on and she was wearing it for a dinner that night. I almost cried but luckily,God and Google were there for me.

Who do you look up to in your business industry?
GOOD HAIR. LTD. as well as seyi who is my trainer. She won’t let me go till I got it right.

Tell me about a time you had to slog your way to get through tons of work from Class and Business. How did you get through it?
I had an exam and a wig to make at the same time. I couldn’t sleep that night. Thankfully, my exam went well, so did the wig.

In one word, to what do you most attribute success?

What piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?
Start now, the earlier the better.

What do you think of Vasiti?
I think it’s an awesome platform, the first of its kind.

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