Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Wood Emmanuel.

Entrepreneurship always begins with love or passion for something. For Emmanuel Wood, his entrepreneurial journey started from an undying love of sports.

Meet the student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Wood Emmanuel, and the name of my business is woodysports.

On the inspiration behind his business, Emmanuel said;

I love sports most especially football; I am a football coach and a former sport secretary of my department; so one day I asked myself how do I make money.

But before that, I do jerseys for my loved ones as birthday present and it hit me that I could actually make this a business idea. i made for a friend during his final year week and from there I started woodysports.

On how he built his customer base during the early days of his business,

Well, I started through telling face -face, then moved to whatsapp and Instagram.. through people I get referrals and so on.

When asked if his friends and family are supportive of his business, he wasted no time in answering:

Yes, most especially my mum❤.

WoodySports is not without its challenges, as Emmanuel points out:

Not everyone is interested in wearing in a jersey or sport wear; let’s just say my customers are mostly from people who do sports or rather love sports and i think that a issue because I don’t sell that much(limited in a way)

Emmanuel has little issues with balancing school and business, because,

My business is what I do for fun. I am happy when I make a jersey for someone; balancing with school little bit stressful but I am working it out.

On Vasiti, he had this to say,

Vasiti is a marketing platform that allow entrepreneurs to sell their products to the public.

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