Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Omokhua Akhere.

Meet our Student Entrepreneur of the week:

My Names are : Omokhua Akhere; From LAUTECH, and I study medical physiology. My business name is Oak Collections, an online fashion store for the sales of male Clothings; footwear, jewelries and phone accessories

Not wanting to depend completely on her parents, financially, was Akhere’s major source of inspiration:

As a student you always have to depend on your parents for everything you need financially; let’s just say I got tired of asking my parents for money every time. Plus there are days that you might need money urgently; and their numbers won’t be reachable, so this led me to want to be independent; to be able to want to call some shots financially and that was how OAK COLLECTIONS began.

There is no way running your own business won’t leave some imprints on you; whether good or bad. For Akhere, it’s more of the good:

Positively, through my business, I have come to realize that when you set your heart to do things; and you can be determined then success is assured; and this rule I have now applied in my academics and this has helped me to attain good communication skills with various individuals; as I have to relate with them very well should invade I want to advertise my business.

On how she balances both school work and business;

There is time for everything; so when it’s school time you have to put your 100% concentration and when it’s time for business you do the same. I have this belief that my own customer cannot be someone else’s customer.
My business and schooling do not clash, as there’s a balance. I also set my timing right and with the help of technology; and social media platforms everything is made easy

When asked how supportive her family and friends are; her answer was immediate and simple:

Very Supportive.

Building a customer base takes a lot of time and focused strategies. Here’s how she did it:

Through social media platforms and with my mouth; by advertising myself wherever I go and making sure I satisfy my customers 100%, without them having to break the bank; and this will always have them comeback

Her words to budding student entrepreneurs are:

Never stay idle or expect manna to fall from heaven; our parents can’t satisfy all our needs so always find something tangible and legal; to do that can bring and income or better still learn a trade during your free time; and put it to good use.

Also, stay focused at all times and never give up on your dreams and aspirations; it may not be rosy all the way but in the end; through hard work and fervent prayer, success is assured .

Concerning Vasiti, she said:

Vasiti has been of immense help to me; as they have provided a free online platform for me to sell my products.

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