Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Oluyanwo Mojolaoluwa

Entrepreneurship is all about passion; a burning desire to make impact, and a deep fascination for something. For Miss Mojola Oluyanwo, beads have been the object of her fascination for as long as she can remember, 

I’m Mojolaoluwa Oluyanwo, a 400l student of Medical laboratory Science, UNILAG.

My business is called Mjay’s Accessories. I design and make Beaded jewelry ranging from simple necklaces for work to gorgeous pieces for weddings and other ceremonies.

Her interest in bead making started ever since she was a young girl, and it fully bloomed into a business during her first year of university:

It started when I went to make my hair when I was really young. About 7 or 8 years old. The daughter of my hairdresser was making a beaded bag. When I got home, I told my mum to get me beads too and I just started stringing them together. 

Mjay’s Accessories actually became a business after 100l when I was on holiday.

She explains how her decision to turn that interest into a business came to be:

Honestly, I was just doing it because I was bored at home at the time. Then when I showed people what I had done and they loved it, I realized I could make it more than just a hobby. My mum’s friends where willing to buy from me when they saw the beads I made for my mum. So I decided to make it a business and make some money for myself.

Speaking on how she has been able to balance both business and school, she said,

I have to make a lot of sacrifices. Missing a few classes or not sleeping at all so I can deliver a job. I try to manage my time well so I don’t get overwhelmed. Also, I ask for help from my friends when I need it.

In the area of support, Mojola is quick to mention her mother as well as her friends:

My mum! Definitely my mum and my friends.

As for what keeps her going in the face of the difficulties a student entrepreneur is sure to face:

I feel really happy when I can take beads and make it into something beautiful. I also love that something I created is able to enhance a person’s look. It gives me a lot of joy and that keeps me going.

She added,

Also, a lot of young people are out there doing phenomenal things. I want to be one of those people one day.

Mojola also gushed about, applauding the website:

I think Vasiti helps student entrepreneurs display their products thereby informing others in the student community and the world at large about the products

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