Student Entrepreneur Spotlight

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Oluwakamiye Olorunfemi Tabitha

Entrepreneurship is a passion that comes with different flavours. While some make money through selling Ankara fabrics, others make money from selling books. But there are the hybrids, the ones who beautify your books with the colours of Ankara fabrics. Simply put, your books will no longer be a writing material alone but a fashion statement.

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Here is OLUWAKAMIYE OLORUNFEMI TABITHA, the CEO of the innovation, “Books Made Beautiful”.

She specialises in re-making all parts of your everyday books into a thick mass of traditional collage. Kamiye is chatty, and her journey began because she was bored:

Well, it all started as something I did out of boredom; coupled with the fact that I first saw it in the hands of a friend of mine. I tried it one time at home and after that time, someone asked if I could sell to him. I did it for a few other people free and then I started the business.

Oluwakamiye Olorunfemi Tabitha

She describes her business as:

I will describe BMB as a brand that seeks to promote our culture without discriminating the other that is why either Ankara materials or English materials are used


After the encounter with the Ankara, books and that fateful friend, BMB, appears to not be slowing down in the mission of bringing beauty to learning. When asked whether she intends to become a full-time entrepreneur after school, she proposed a conjugal double dating

Yes, But I will also practice my profession (Law)”

For every new endeavour, learning how to walk is fraught with many falls. Here is what Kamiye will do if given a chance to do things differently.

“I would take courses on other things I can do with Ankara (which I still plan to do but for time constraint). Also, I will gather information on how to handle properly a business, adverts, dealing with deadlines and so on”


When we asked her whether she was an adventurous person, you could see the excitement in her words:

“Aaah yes, I am really adventurous”

This is the story the lover of Beautarie, has on how she came close to almost not meeting up to a deadline, the tale of BMBs most stimulating adventure in entrepreneurship.

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“Hmmm okay, there was a time I was contracted to do Ankara books for a wedding outside Nigeria and like 2-3 days to when the person was supposed to travel, the books were not ready. I remember that even the printer wanted to disappoint because he did not give me the quality I wanted. There was pressure but to God be the glory, I finished the work and delivered it. It was wrapped in nylons because they had not dried and the person carried it like that”.

Student entrepreneurship is a multi-verse of school and work. Their conjoined needs are likely to drown your passion for both worlds. This is how Kamiye struck the balance once when there was a clog in the wheels.

“There was this time I was in school and I had to deliver a job to a university, my friends and roommate volunteered to help but I remember that it was not easy getting the books to be used, so after a particular class, I went to the market and then returned for another class with a few things I got. It was really stressful but it went well”


In one word, to what/whom does she most attribute her success?


What piece of advice does Books Made Beautiful have for budding entrepreneurs?

“As budding entrepreneurs, let us put God first and then learn about how to handle a business so you will not be frustrated”

…and she had to add

“Ohh yeah, please pay your tithe”

It was really a fun meet with the CEO of Book Made Beautiful as she filled every phase with humor and encouragement. She also had kind words to say about Vasiti?

“It is a good platform that will encourage us budding entrepreneurs”

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