Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Oloruntoba Fisayo.

Entrepreneurship is no easy feat. There is a lot of sweat and pain involved in building a business from the ground up, and making it into something people will want to associate with. It’s another Student Entrepreneur Spotlight week, and we have just the person that fits.

Meet Fisayo Oloruntoba:

I’m Oloruntoba Fisayo, a 400l level student of mechanical engineering, university of lagos. I’m an entrepreneur, fashion designer and stylist. I’m the 2nd out of three children.

Miss Fisayo is a student entrepreneur as she owns a fashion business which she established since her 200 level days, and has since been running amidst school, and other activities:

My business is about clothes and fashion items. The saying follow your passion is true to an extent.

I love clothes, wearing nice clothes and seeing people dress well, gives me this joy. So I decided to go into that.

She has a very lovely and bubbly persona, and this was very much evident throughout the interview.

Ever wondered how people start businesses? Do they just wake up and decide I want to do this? Or was it a gradual realization? 

For Miss Fisayo, it was a burning desire for success:

     I save alot when i was young, you could keep money with me then and still find it. Right from small I started being strategic with money. I want to be extremely successful in life and I will be successful, and to do that, you must have a legit thing at hand. Business was the only thing, 

She added while laughing;

I don’t want anyone to use me to so shakara when it comes to money.

Something I myself have always wondered is that when you do decide that you want to have a business, a side hustle, something doing; how then do you decide which particular area in which to commercialize. Many people say you do what you love or what you have a knack for. Well, what if you are just good at so many things?

Apparently, Miss Fisayo had no difficulty choosing:

      I’ve heard a popular saying that if something isn’t working, try another thing, don’t stick to one point. I initially wanted to go into mini importation, that has to do with clothes, shoes, bags and other fashion items. But my mom told me to hold on, so I started selling clothes I buy here in Nigeria then resell. I also learnt fashion designing of recent, so with that, I’ll be putting everything together going forward.

Inspiration is something every business owner must have. Inspiration and motivation. Because, trust me, it will get tough at one point or another. Inspiration can be a person, a mission, or anything at all. For Miss Fisayo, her  major source of inspiration is making a name for herself:

         In few years, I look forward to have made a big name in the fashion industry, and would love to influence people with fashion styles, and give back to people who can’t afford it.

On how supportive her parents are, Miss Fisayo is very clear on that:

       My dad knows I run a business but hasn’t really asked about it. My mom is the most supportive, she supports the business idea, and has been help out from the beginning.

What is a business without people?  customers? For a new business owner, getting sales may not be all that easy. Here’s how Miss Fisayo did it:  

      Well I started this year, building customer base is actually hard, it’s not easy, I sell on Instagram, so it’s not really easy to trust someone with your money, someone you do not know at all. When I get an order from Instagram I’m usually happy. And it’s actually getting better. But continuous post and profile visits helps a lot, being active on the business page helps too.

She also added:

With that people get to see more of your product and can easily trust you.

Now, we must understand that there is failure in every success story, I mean, Thomas Edison failed 99 times before he got it right. Every business owner will no doubt run into challenges or difficulties at some point, especially as a student entrepreneur. Miss Fisayo  shed more light on hers: 

       Yeah, having to stock pile clothes over and over, you see my bed and room. I sleep with clothes everywhere. I always wish I bought clothes and everything get sold out out once; But trust the process, I’m getting there.

Also, I talk when I want to talk, but people don’t know I’m a little shy, so I have the challenge of talking to people that i sell clothes and the rest, I’m trying to pull through.

She added,

       Then people bargaining what is not can be really annoying.

On balancing both school work and business, Miss Fisayo stressed that:

     Yeah engineering is bulky, I do not joke with my studies. I believe Certificate is very important no matter how big you get. My mom usually say you can do anything in life that you want to, but with a certificate, you’ll go to bigger places. So when I’m in session, I run the business well. But my exams time, I slow down or put it to halt, till I’m done.

When asked what advice she will give to any upcoming student entrepreneur, she thought deeply for a while before saying,

   Do you, and with time everyone will adjust, be consistent, consistency is important. Let God be involved, otherwise the struggle would be real. Trust your instincts

On a final note, she applauded the efforts of to support student entrepreneurs, and also fill the gap between entrepreneurs and possible customers around them:

      It’s free, and they help student entrepreneurs advertise their businesses, And helps to reach across a lot of people.

Visit Fisayo’s business page here:

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Aww this was really a nice read and it has really inspired me to get out of my zone and start something. Well thanks for sharing this delightful interview.

Ohams Emmanuel

Wow.. A really nice read.. This is how every success story starts. Well, Fisayo, one thing I have to say is “I’m really happy you doing this; it shows a lot of courage; that burning desire to achieve your goals.. Everything will go well. Smile everyday!!”

Elizabeth Erekosima

I’ve known fisayo for over 10 year plus now and I know she’s particularly about the way she dresses. Like they say dress the way you want to be addressed, fisayo is a definition of good dressing. I remember when we entered university and she will be telling the dress or shoes she wants to buy and never knew it was leading somewhere not until this year when she told me she was starting a business. I also remember when she used her holiday to learn fashion designing. She really is following her passion and I’m super proud of her.… Read more »

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