Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ogunyemi Modupeoluwa

Trust me, making people beautiful is a talent that can be likened to the gift of creativity. With hard hues and soft brushes, a stone-like face can be re-created into the colours of warm milk.

For many, it is an early morning routine but for a selected few, it is a lifetime commitment – Making people beautiful.

Meet MODUPEOLUWA GLORIA OGUNYEMI, a fellow of the University of Ibadan, and the pilot of the beauty order, MoMakeover. What is this brand? Well, in the words of the young CEO,

It is a brand that chooses to enhance beauty, a brand, not limited in goals

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight

For Modupe, MoMakeover began as a substitute for budding laziness and to her, entrepreneurship came as an alternative to idleness. The beauty specialist also said that she went into business in order to gain independence from family. This is coupled with a clingy passion, which came later in her career.

When asked whether entrepreneurship is just a passing fancy, like a thing she might grow out off, Modupe eagerly rooted for marriage with entrepreneurship and went on to tell us her expectations. She said:

“I intend to go into makeup full time after school. You see, I have come to realize that make up, for me, is a gift that should not be taken for granted. I have had a lot of reasons for me to put a stop to it, however, I see myself in this business travelling outside the country and meeting with a lot of people”


Despite the dream, MoMakeover laments that it has not been easy. She has had to skip classes for jobs and other entrepreneurial commitments. Nevertheless, she opined that her preference for education does not dislike resurrection, especially for some classes where absence is not an option or, of course, class assessments.

Modupe identifies as an adventurous person and she looks up to Miss Lolade, the chief executive of the Instagram beauty channel ‘mlprobeauty‘. Besides, we had to ask. In the entrepreneurial journey, what is Modupe’s most intriguing experience?

“The most intriguing experience I had was during a makeup talent show I went for Landmark Event Center at Victoria Island in this year, 2019 on the 4th and 5th of May. It was beautiful, although I did not emerge as the winner, but I learnt a lot and I was part of the top 10 amongst 40 individuals in my sub group”


On lessons and scars of the business world, MoMakeover proved not to have been immune to mistakes. She told us

If I were to start all over again, I would do makeup to let people see value for their money. I would make people believe in the world of beauty

From the lenses of this beauty specialist, the perception of make-up as a tool for the enrichment of women with low self-esteem is a failed idea that should be abandoned. Modupe further spoke on this

“God has created every beings to be beautiful, so an addition of makeup is just an enhancement of your God given beauty, thus a womans confidence is solemnly not on makeup or should be based on makeup, but in herself, in her personality; for makeup is only but an enhancement of beauty”.


Advice to budding Entrepreneurs?

“Money should not be the major motivation, there is need to be passionate about whatever you find doing, it tends to help you give in your all and best”.


Opinion on VASITI?

“VASITI is a beautiful platform and I love the fact that it encourages young entrepreneurs”


Visit Her Store Here

Modupeoluwa’s watchword is IMPACT and you can reach her on Instagram

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