Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Nwaosa Nobert Chukwuma.

Meet our Student entrepreneur of the week:

My names are Nwaosa Norbert Chukwuma, I’m a student of the national open university of Nigeria, I run the Bachelor’s of Art program in English language and I’m the CEO of The Kings Brand a urban custom clothing line.

On the inspiration behind his business,

The inspiration behind starting my business was simply a channel for me to display art with the latest urban trends and as a student I have the avenue to reach out to a large audience that also share the value of art.

On how owning a business has impacted him:

Honestly starting a business as a student can be really challenging all round from being able to balance school work and the business because as I said earlier it’s a custom clothing brand and all the wears are made from scratch to finish and the prints are exclusive, time management can be really challenging, it’s also a brand that delivers to other states so there are times where you have to make a delivery and still meet up with a class or a test but honestly it hasn’t been so bad cos being in the open university my time is flexible and the brand is my passion, I also get to express my feelings through the prints that go on the wears.

Balancing school and business is very important; here’s how he did it:

The open university program makes it really easy and flexible for me to be able to balance business and school but there are times where I have to meet up with a tutorial but having a standby logistics also helps in making everything easier.

When asked how supportive his parents are, he gushed:

My parents are really supportive first of all because I made them understand the business is my passion, my empire and they understand it but as African parents I always get the hope you “read your book” comments in situations like that I reassure them and make them understand that it’s all balanced. My mother especially has been of great support. God bless all our mothers.

One of the most important elements of a business is the customer base; for him,

Building a customer base is all about making them trust you, at first it was really hard especially being it’s a brand that makes it’s wears from scratch to finish. The kings brand makes it’s Tshirts,sweatshirts and hoodies with a 100% cotton and this has always been the standard of The Kings Brand and with the help of God we have never been able to disappoint. Delivering standard helped a lot. Social media also helped alot Instagram and WhatsApp the twitter page is currently being developed, word of mouth and also wearing what I make. Alot of the tshirts I wear myself are from The Kings Brand closet. Creating trust with the existing clientele also helped.

His advice to upcoming student entrepreneurs is:

Consistency, Do not give up no matter how hard it might look, Keep pushing and always make yourself better never settle for where you are. If you are good you can be better, push yourself and surpass your limits . Everything you do always put God first

On how Vasiti has helped him as an entrepreneur,

I just registered onto vasiti through a friend of mine Pristine, it’s a superb platform, they have helped me increase my reach to more students and given me a platform to increase my pr audience.

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