Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Mercy Smith.

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Mercy Smith, A 400Level Human kinetics and Health Education Student of the University of Ibadan. I’m the CEO of Smithbespokeshoes. We make and sell footwears for both male and female.

Her inspiration is simple and clear:

The need to be independent.

On the positive and negative of being a student entrepreneur:

Positive impact on Starting my business in school: I’ve met new people through my business. It has improved my networking and relationship with people.
Negative impact: I’ll say stress for now. It’s not really easy, But it actually pays.

On how she balances both school and business effectively:

Balancing school and business: Its not really easy, it can be really challenging, But Time management is very important. When it gets tough, I seek advice from people; and when it gets difficult I take a break for a day.

She is not lacking in the support area either, as she enjoys a lot from her parents:

My parents are very supportive and encouraging.

For Mercy, building a customer base was at first difficult:

Building a customer base at first was difficult, it’s all about making people trust you and the brand.
I started with the people around me(Family and Friends).
Self advertisement by Advertising myself anywhere I go, Through social media, Wearing what I sell, Referrals from friends, coursemate and family, Read about how to promote my business online.

Her advice to upcoming student entrepreneurs is quite insightful:

Advice: It might look hard at first but build trust,Offer good products, have a good customer service to give them reasons to always come back and refer people, Sometimes it might look like it’s not paying but Don’t give up, Be Consistent and Prayerful.
Success is Assured.💯

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