Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Jinadu Abiodun

There are many students who are passionate about solving problems, fixing things and leaving a positive mark on others.

That said, our student entrepreneur for this week is one of the many students that are meeting needs. And also solving problems.

Meet Jinadu Abiodun, the 500L student of computer engineering at the University of Lagos.

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight

The young entrepreneur started out fixing phones and laptop as something to satisfy his curiosity for tech-related problems. After realizing that he can make something off it, he birthed the Jekafix Technologies.

My most stimulating experience started when I started fixing computers for my friends, providing a solution to the problems they were facing. I realized this was an avenue for me to help more people by proving solutions to their computer and computer accessories problems.


Now, the good thing is that he also gives tech-related advise to his clients and followers.

Jinadu is a young computer engineering student who is practising his craft firsthand even while a student. Growing up with a passion for tech and what it means to be creative and helpful, He fell in love with the idea of fixing things.

In a very lovely conversation with him, he hinted the ever-loving support from family and friends which has kept him pushing till this point.

Now, as we all know, it’s never easy combining business with studies. Handling the very important daily activities that grow the business and finding a balance with studies can be extremely tricky. Here’s how he does it:

I had to plan my time table so it could accommodate my work, and I had to spend more time awake at night to finish up business so I could have more time during the day for classes.


While many Nigerian students leave the university and find themselves doing something entirely different from what they studied in school, Jinadu is still very much into his studies and work as they are both related.

There is never any perfect start for any business, there will always be the ups and the downs but having the right enthusiasm is all it takes to kickstart that thing you are passionate about.

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Staring Jekafix for me was very important because I saw a problem and I am willing to solve it. All I can say to budding entrepreneurs like myself is this – Don’t underestimate the power of humble beginnings. One day, e go just click.

Jekafix Tech

For Vasiti, here’s what he had to say:

Vasiti is an amazing platform for students and business to find a common ground. It’s perfect

Jinadu Abiodun

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