Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Habibat Adeosun.

Meet our Student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Habibat Adeosun from unilag accounting department, and I’m into selling of shoes, bags wears and anything that can beautify the body.

Something must inspire a man; and for Habibat, it has always been a desire to provide service:

Actually I have always wanted to go into buying and selling since I was much younger. I can remember when we were on 3rd term break during my secondary school days, I made chinchin and took it with me to my mom’s shop and sell to people. I have always had passion for selling.

For her, the perfect recipe for balancing both school and business lies in a perfect schedule:

Well, I won’t really say it has been easy cos there are days that I will have to move from one class to the other, one department to the other, one hostel to the other ,one room to the other; and also one faculty to the other just so people can be aware of what I sell and still have to balance all of these up with my academics. I also try not to let one affect the other. But, one thing I believe is that once you can make a schedule for yourself.

On how supportive her family is:

Woow! At first when I started my business in the university; my dad wasn’t aware, it was just my mom and my aunties. However, my dad found out and he didn’t want me to continue because he felt it was a distraction and might affect my academics. After several pleas fro me and my mom; and also my result that semester, he decided to let me continue. But he told me if my academic performance doesn’t get any better, I might have to put a stop to my business.

She had a lot to say when it came to building a customer base;

Woow! Well I won’t say it was easy But mehn!! I had very supportive roommates back then!!! They are the best! They carried my business on their head like it was theirs.

Some even go as far as bringing their friends to the room to show them what I have. Also, I started with my classmates although the turnout wasn’t so impressive. Some said it was too expensive, some wanted to buy But were not willing to pay immediately/not even anytime soon; But things soon became better than it was.

To all budding student entrepreneurs;

I will like to tell u not to go into a business just because a friend of yours is doing it too because I noticed this happens a lot of time, I know of some people who went into this same business when I started and they are not longer there today, because they just can’t cope.

Dear entrepreneurs, just try to create something that will make you stand out amongst your fellow business owners. There are a lots of people out there selling shoes, bags and clothes But you have to give your customers a reason to always come back to you, and please, do not lose focus!

For Habibat,

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