Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Grace Ositelu

Have you ever had a need that is meeting the needs of others?

While we have many people who are curious and passionate about meeting the needs of others, Our student entrepreneur for this week happens to be one of these people.

Meet Grace Ositelu, The 300 Level Chemistry student from UNILAG who has a passion for solving problems on her campus.

Having been inspired by Laura Ikeji and Dangote, Grace is not joking about her business as she has plans to take it up to a point where it becomes just more than a brand on campus.

Student Entrepreneur of the week

In a quick interview with her, she hinted that solving the problems surrounding buying and selling, has been something she enjoyed doing. Especially on campus.

Starting as early as her 100 level days in school, Grace has always seen the need to be a gap between buyers and sellers on campus. She has stood as a bridge for the two ends and has also moved on to provided branded piece of clothing for her clients.

I have a passion to meet needs, plus I have very supportive parents and friends

Grace Ositelu

The OSB store started in 2017, with one goal; Providing quality for clients and so far it’s been a jolly ride.

Student Entrepreneur Of The Week

Now, it’s not easy combining academics with business and here’s what she had to say about that:

I have always had troubles combining business with school but I have been pushing. Most times I pile up my orders and it’s scary. I also value education and good results a lot so I try to maintain a balance between them and my plans have been working for more than two years now.


Many student entrepreneurs often go into business just to get by financially on campus, and others stick to what they’re doing now till the very end.

For Grace, her business is not something she does for just getting by; She hopes to one day build an empire off her store.

I am very determined to do anything I want to, I don’t take no for an answer. I do the toughest things first.

Grace Ositelu

Student entrepreneur spotlight

In her final remarks, she urged Nigerian students who are entrepreneurs to stick to what they’re doing and they should not forget the power of consistency and hard work.

When asked to say a few words concerning Vasiti, She had this to say:

Oh, Vasiti is a very much needed platform; A platform that connects students to the market is just very much needed. I believe it’s very helpful

Student entrepreneur spotlight – Grace Ositelu

It was a really amazing moment shared with the young entrepreneur and it was really fulfiling to know that we have students who are career-driven.

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Interesting and motivating.


very inspiring. go girl.


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