Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo.

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

I’m Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo of the department of Economics, University of Ibadan. I’m a blogger and freelance writer.

On her what inspired her:

I’m someone who doesn’t know how to be dependent – not even on my parents. That drove me to find ways to fend for myself such that I only have to ask very little and sometimes, nothing at all of my parents and people around me.

On the impacts being a student entrepreneur has had on her;

Positively, I guess it’s inspiring. It’s a reminder that life can never get too tough for me. Negatively, well, life does get tough. School tries to teach you that you’re a student before anything else when in actuality, you’re everything else while being a student.

Talking about how she’s been able to balance both school and work:

Balancing gets hard, honestly and I get overwhelmed occasionally. When that happens, I take a break. From everything. At least for a day. No school and no work all at the same time. By the following day, I’m rested and ready to go back to ’hustling’

In addition, she enjoys a lot of support from her family:

They’re very supportive actually. They like the idea that I can take care of myself and I take some of the burdens off of them. They grateful to me and proud of me for it.

On how she built her customer base:

Do I particularly have a ’base’? Well, considering my blog has followers, I would say so. I guess it was constant delivery. The delivery wasn’t just constant, it was premium. Friends referred friends and voila! One word I can pin it all to is consistency.

Her advice to other budding student entrepreneurs is simple:

Like I said earlier, consistency is key. It’ll be hard at the start. Sometimes it’ll look like it’s not paying but if you keep at it, it will. Nature always rewards.

On how Vasiti has helped her as a student entrepreneur;

I remember being skeptical about putting a service like writing on the Vasiti but I did it anyways. My school mate was looking through Vasiti for some services that weren’t even related to mine but were in my school. He likes to support fellow students. I popped up and he was like ’Why not?’ so he contacted me and got me one or two gigs. I’m grateful for that.

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