Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ejiro Onokpasah.

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Ejiro Onokpasah, I’m a 400 level international law and diplomacy student of Babcock University and I’m the owner/CEO of Ònòh Naturals.

On the inspiration behind her business:

I started Ònòh naturals as a passion project. I’ve always had issues with my skin and tried out so many different products and drugs to combat the issues I had and one day I got tired. I did a tonne of research and discovered a natural remedy (Bentonite clay). After using it for almost two years myself I decided to start selling it so other people who may have similar issues will also have the option of using a natural remedy.

On the impacts that having a business while still in school has had on her;

Starting my own business in school was not easy. One is the positives of starting my own business was the responsibility it gave me. It also gave me confidence that I didn’t realize I was capable of having. I was able to meet and talk to different people of all ages about something I’m extremely passionate about. There really hasn’t been any negatives that have come with the business other than me using majority of my pocket money as the capital.

Balancing both school and business is not easy; for Ejiro,

I had to focus fully on school which wasn’t fair on the business but I was able to work around that by scheduling. I had reminders set up to create content for business social media pages and I recorded each sale and did deliveries only at specific periods. Overall I was able to efficiently manage my time.

Support comes easy for miss Ejiro:

My parents are extremely supportive. They helped me in packaging my first batch and pushed me to do more!

Building a customer base at the beginning of a business can be tricky; but for Ejiro, friends and family were there to fill in the gap:

My customer base began with my friends and family. Everyone seemed to really like the products and they began recommending me to others coupled with me creating sponsored posts on social media I was able to build a good customer base.

Advising other upcoming student entrepreneurs, she had this to say:

My advice for any potential student entrepreneur is to go for it! If you are passionate about what you have to offer and you’re ready to share that part of yourself with others, I would recommend you start! #GetInYourBag2020 and if you already have a business keep pushing and striving. You will succeed.

On how Vasiti has helped her as a student entrepreneur;

Vasiti created an opportunity for me by starting a competition (which I entered and won) which is sponsored by large organizations who help small business. Part of my prize is business consultations from them which I’m grateful for.

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