Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ayodeji Daniel.

Ayodeji Daniels tapped into his creativity, and made it into a busines. Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Ayodeji Daniel, I am a fashion stylist, fashion designer,fashion consultant and currently the manager of Deji Daniels.

Deji Daniels is a fashion company that has dedicated itself into producing trendy and fashionable wears in all categories using African properties to create Afrocentric style . It’s a fashion company where you can come to find and discover new fashionable wears.

Mr Daniels did not have to think too much when it came to his inspiration:

I guess you can say the inspiration came from me being a creative.

I like creating things even though it ain’t fashion related but i am really comfortable when it comes to fashion; and there is this love i have for Africa, it has a lot of beautiful things to offer.

So i decided to make people see the beauty of Africa through fashion.

Building a customer base can be very tricky; but here’s how he did it:

From the market survey conducted initially we discovered that there was immense demand of our products from a facet of the society; basically students and working class.

Due to this, I was able to mutually relate with students to make and tailor products along and social aesthetic (fashion) demands.

Our understanding of our customers facilitates the ease of establishing our customer base with student community

On how supportive his family and friends are:

Well at first my family wasn’t supportive, they saw it as a thing I was just going to begin and drop later on but now they see what it is and what it can become, so they are quite supportive right now. Few of the friends I had back then laughed at a idea, some called me “jack of all trades master of none” and this is because I decided to begin with clothings, shoes and bags but I’m thankful for the friends I have today, they are really supportive.

Every business has its ups and downs:

There were a lot of challenges, I’m sure I can’t name them all. I had financial challenge, it was really hard to get money to get things done when they needed be done. Quality challenge as well, trying to give a good quality product at a low price has been a challenge and it’s still a challenge. We also had visibility challenge, due to the fact that there are a lot of fashion companies out there, it’s quite hard for our products to seen and appreciated by everyone. That’s all I can think of right now

On how he has been able to balance school and business:

This was able to happen because of my colleagues, they are amazing people. The responsibilities of the company has been shared amongst ourselves which reduces pressure for everyone and it also creates a balance for us.

Mr Daniels also shared his thoughts about vasiti:

Vasiti creates a medium whereby products can be seen by a lot of people in and out of your customer base, which makes it easier to get sales and have products reach multiple customers at a time. This is a big deal for a student entrepreneur, the thought of having to deliver multiple products at the same time is really scary and scary ain’t good for business.

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