Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Aruna Maryam.

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week: Miss Aruna Maryam:

My name is Aruna Maryam. A 400 level student of department of microbiology, University of Ibadan. I own stylehaven a fashion brand that specialise in selling classy and sophisticated bags making you slay on a budget.

Ideas that do become businesses are not that easy to come by; here’s what fueled Maryam:

It all started April 2019. I love playing dress up and one thing always lacking was a nice bag. At that time I didn’t know anyone selling so I felt this is a good way to start. Thanks to my family and friend who supported me then.

Still a student, Maryam highlights impacts having a business has had on her:

I have this new quest of wanting to learn more. I’m also more patient and I have to respect everyone you come across whether younger or older. Referral and customer service really goes a long way. No regret so far.

Running a business and ensuring you do not neglect school work can be exhausting some times; for Maryam:

It hasn’t been easy. I must confess but I always remind my self this school is my primary assignment and it must come first.

On how supportive her parents are:

Extremely supportive. They gave me my initial capital

On how she was able to build a customer base:

It was mainly through referral from friends. My friends were supportive always telling people about my business. I used student influencers at some point.

To upcoming student entrepreneurs, she had this advice:

I’m gonna be honest having a business while in school can sometimes be tiring. But you know why you started let that push be your focus.

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