Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ajibesin Oluwapelumi

When you tour the archives of history, the year 1911 might just be a patch of dust in the sands of time. However, in the emerging fashion scene,

“It is an appealing lifestyle brand that takes inspiration from Nigerian art, culture, and traditions to create aesthetically stimulating pieces”

Meet AJIBESIN OLUWAPELUMI, the front-runner of the 1911 fashion brand, prominent at the University of Ibadan and gradually boosting towards a worldwide audience. This minimalist and English-styled edifice seek a culturally aware generation between the ages of 16-25.

Three years ago, while she was still in her first year in the university, Pelumi decided to take hold of her vision and passion for fashion alongside a drive for the benefits of financial independence. In her words

“…I needed extra source of income…”

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Create. @pellygiwa

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Inspired by love for other fashion figures, 1911 adores Style Temple, Clan RTW, and DNA by Iconic Invanity. While it’s not every day you get to see young Nigerians that are pushing the ‘Made In Nigeria’ brand, Oluwapelumi is one of the few that are readily pushing it with her unique style.

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What do you see? Price: 4,000

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When we asked how she came about the brand name, “1911”, our hearts melted with these words

“I wanted to honour my dad mainly because I got my business streak from him, so I decided to name my business after him. So, 19-11 means S.K, which are my dad’s initials. S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and K is the 11th letter of the alphabet”


In addition, she also runs a YouTube channel where she gives off styling tips and very useful and helpful ‘How-tos’. In her channel, she also focuses on business and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

“I also run a YouTube Channel where I focus on Business and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level”

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1911 does not only feature mere general clothing, but it also stands out with its regular style-for-different-seasons campaign. About any upcoming projects, Oluwapelumi appears to be cooking up a wave

“I am currently working on a summer collection for my brand and also preparing for my event which is coming up in a couple of days which is the WAVE OF SUMMER FEST (WOSF)

Being a student entrepreneur comes with the effigy of challenges; it most likely begins a conflict between the rigours of academics and the demands of the business. This is how the 1911 star, finds a balance between the Siamese worlds

“Time management and priority lists help me a lot. When I have exams or tests I shut down everything business pending the time. Also having great support system in friends”

When asked to comment on Vasiti, this is what she had to say

“Vasiti magazine is one of the few magazines that focus on the campus environment in a way that they give students a platform to showcase themselves. Its a trailblazer and should be celebrated more. And the market place is also as easy to use as it is also important”

Ajibesin Oluwapelumi

Like many student entrepreneurs, Our student entrepreneurs is certain of building a career around her craft and business.

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