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Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ajewole Oyindamola.

Miss Oyindamola ventured into cakes and pasteries as a means to not just empower herself, but also make money.

My name is Ajewole Oyindamola and my business name is Honeycakes and more. I deal with cakes,snacks and chops.

Well I just wanted to make extra cash and look out for myself….that was how I was inspired.

On balancing school work with business, she said:

Let’s just saying it wasn’t easy but with time I learnt to balance my classes with orders.

Looking back on how she started,

Am very grateful I embarked on this journey because it has helped a lot both financially and emotionally.

Of course no man is an island, Miss Oyin has the help of not just her mother, but also friends:

Well I have supportive friends and my mum has been helping too through her prayers.

On how she was able to build a customer base when she first started out:

Well i started telling people about it that I can bake even then I was training…and my sister was my first customer she patronize me then and am glad of the referrals I get and besides…I never stop reminding people of what I do.

Gushing about Vasiti, she had this to say:

It creates platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their works.

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