Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Agbolagorite Ayomide Florence.

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Agbolagorite Ayomide Florence. I am studying Accounting at the University of Lagos. I run a baking business called Flora Cakes n Treats.

What’s the inspiration behind starting a business as a student?

I have always loved the art of creating something from scratch and with my love of desserts. I developed a passion for baking, and putting my artistic side to use, I create beautiful cakes.

Started out with just baking for family and from there, my passion grew and I wanted to share that experience with everyone.

How has starting your own business while still in school impacted you, both positive and negative?

Starting a business in school has its positive side; like I get to share my creation with people, I put a smile on face of the celebratant, I bring life to the party, it helps to interact with people and it makes me happy to satisfy my customers .

As a student running a business, it definitely has its negative side; like being swamped with orders and having to balance assignment, reading, tests. Sometimes, I have to reject an order due to test or exam and even mental stress.

How do you balance school and business?

I went through difficult times trying to figure out how to utilize my time so that my business and school life get the best of me. I found a solution that worked well, I try and to read or do any assignments or tasks in my spare time especially when I have an order. So I don’t lag behind in school work and also deliver well to my customer..

How supportive are your parents?

Funny story, I didn’t tell my dad about my business when I started selling in school because I knew he would oppose as he wants me finish well in school. So I had to put in extra effort to show that my business will not affect my business. So I have his support 70%.

How did you build a customer base when you first started?

Cause I am introvert, it took me time to build up my customer base. I told my friend and fellowship member; even gave out some free samples to get people to trust my brand. I also got referrals, and I have a Instagram business page also.

I still have a lot to do regarding my customer base but it was better than before.

What advice do you have for upcoming student entrepreneurs?

To all my upcoming student entrepreneurs, there is a saying, that Rome is not built in one day. So, learn to take one step at a time, don’t be afraid to fail, just make sure you get back up. And also invest in getting business knowledge.

How has Vasiti helped you as a student entrepreneur?

Vasiti has helped to gain more visibility in school and helping to promote my business thereby having more sales.

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