Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Adeleye Anuoluwapo.

Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the endgame for many Nigerian university students; and a lot more are joining the bandwagon!

Meet our student entrepreneur of the week:

My name is Adeleye Anuoluwapo Esther, a 200 level student of Early childhood education; University of Ibadan.

Miss Anu owns Mhersea_collectionz; a brand that deal with sales of unisex fashion items and accessories; as well as into mini importation training.

On what inspired her to start her own business;

The inspiration behind starting a business as a student was actually borne out of the interest and love I have for fashion. Also, seeing people putting on nice and quality wears at really affordable prices and also to have another source of income.

On how being a student entrepreneur has impacted her; both positively and negatively;

It has actually helped in building my relationship with other people and also to communicate better; most especially convincing a customer to see the reason why he or she needs to get that particular product

It had some negative impact when I first started it was really very stressful and required a lot of time, because I had to spend more time online sourcing for goods; chatting with customers and also doing some deliveries so it affected other things I was supposed to do aside business; but with time I was able to engage myself properly combining business and school.

Effectively managing a business, as well as having to attend school can be difficult. Here’s how she does it;

Time management is actually really important, one thing is that I don’t let my business affect my studies, and if I notice that I’m putting too much attention on business, I learn to put myself together and also create time for both.

On how supportive her family are:

My parents are actually very supportive. They were even surprised when I told them I was going into business and they actually supported me.

On how she has been able to build a customer base;

When I first started, most of my customers I met them online and they were from Facebook but mostly WhatsApp; not my WhatsApp contacts actually, but total strangers from groups.

And as God does his work, they trusted me easily but that was because of the way I presented myself and business to them then later, families, friends.

She rounded off with an advice to upcoming student entrepreneurs:

My advice to upcoming student entrepreneurs is that they should keep on pressing forward because there are some times that there won’t even be motivation to advertise; no sales and all but that doesn’t mean people won’t patronize tomorrow; and also they should try to build a solid and good relationship with their existing customers, because if they are satisfied with your previous service they will come back and even refer more customers to you.

And most importantly pray.

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