Student Entrepreneur of the week

Student Entrepreneur Of The Week: Exclusive Interview With Miss Odueso Adetoyosi

Student Entrepreneur of the weekHello everyone,meet Miss Odueso Adetoyosi; a 400 level Student of the Department of Marine Sciences at the University Of Lagos.She is a smart baker in the realm of Cakes.

Toyosi is an embodiment of business wise people with bright brains in the classroom.

Student Entrepreneur Of The WeekShe is the CEO of Toyce Cakes.Vasiti had an exclusive interview with her and she walks us step by step through her entrepreneurial journey.

Can We Meet You?

Student Entrepreneur of the week
My name is Odueso Adetoyosi Temiloluwa;a 400 level Student of the Department of Marine Sciences in the University of Lagos.

I bake cakes and  I am the CEO of Toyce Cakes.

Potential customers can visit my business location at 27, Dayo Shittu street iyana ipaja, Lagos. Also, I am one of the HP Global Brand Ambassadors.

What ignited the spark in you to venture into this business?

Student Entrepreneur of the week
It all started during my senior secondary days.My love for fluffy cakes and creativity made me took a bold step to learn baking for six months during my diploma program.Practically, I started baking officially in my third year at the University of Lagos.It has been a long drawn journey that is attached with lots of benefit. Baking teaches me to make something out of my potentials not just to make money but to add value to the world.

Do you intend to go into the Business full-time after School?

Of course but in a sophisticated form. I have plans of delving into flamboyant event planning/decoration and catering services .

If you had the chance to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Starting earlier than I did.
Are you an adventurous type of person? What is the most stimulating experience you have ever had in your Entrepreneurial journey?
Of course.

Who do you look up to in your business industry?
Buddy valasto of Carlo’s bakery in Hoboken (cake boss)

Tell me about a time you had to slog your way to get through tons of work from Class and Business. How did you get through it?
Honestly, it’s not easy to combine business with academics especially when you are on first class . My friends has been so helpful and supportive. They made it less stressful for me even though there were times I had to choose either classes or deliveries.

In one word, to what do you most attribute success?

What piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

I would advise budding entrepreneurs to never question their passion. They should always be focused and confident.

What do you think of Vasiti?

Truth be told, Vasiti is actually a nice initiative.It is a rare feat to help young entrepreneurs build and advertise their products. Never knew such existed. Thumbs up!

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