Student Entrepreneur Of The Week – Boluwatife Kumapayi.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task; especially when you have to run a business alongside school activities.

Meet Boluwatife, our student entrepreneur of the week:

My Name is Boluwatife Kumapayi,I’m a student of OAU; studying Engineering Physics. I own a clothing Brand Blaze Africa with my friend.

On what motivated him to start a business; Bolu said,

Well I was actually inspired to start a business when I discovered the financial support from my parents weren’t enough for my expenses and also by the declining employment rate in Nigeria.

Becoming a business owner while still in school, impacts in some way. For Bolu:

Starting my own Business has made me a lot of money, it has made me meet a lot of people I wouldn’t have met on a normal day and I’ve improved socially.
Well it’s been really time taking, not that I do the deliveries myself or anything but I have to talk to different customers everyday.

On balancing school and business, he had this to say:

Balancing school and business isn’t easy at all it takes very good time management.Some times I have customers calling or texting me when I’m in class.It takes spending extra time and effort in school.

Support is also an essential aspect of owning a business. Bolu is not lacking in that area:

Well they’re supportive to some extent though I don’t really like to bother them about it cause I want to be independent with my business

For Bolu, building a customer base was not that difficult:

Building a customer base was with the help of my friends,they would tell their friends about us repost pictures of our products on WhatsApp.We also got customers from Instagram promotions.

He also had a lot to say to upcoming student entrepreneurs:

Advice I have for student entrepreneurs is that they should properly study the market to know which business will be profitable and unique.
Most people just start business without knowing what it takes, I made a lot of losses when I started sometimes it feels like I should just give up but my friends encourage me.

So if you have any business you’re running no matter gat you face don’t give up if you do the right thing some day you’ll be glad you started the business

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