In this day and time, human beings endanger themselves and the lives of others in a bid to get their desired goal and aim. Humanitarian norms are fast changing and everyone careless about the other fellow, because it is now an “I live for myself, you live for yourself kind of world.”

This brings is to the news of the Senator representing Kogi West District, Dino Melaye who got injured in an attempt to escape the police as he arrived the magistrate court in Wise Zone 2, Abuja on a stretcher on Wednesday 2 May,2018.

The senator was arraigned on charges over his attempt to escape from the police. Melaye has jumped out of a police vehicle while arrested and this landed him in the hospital. Mabel Segun-Bello, the magistrate presiding over the court granted him bail to the sum of 90million naira but the police however rearrested him following the granting of the bail. His lawyer, Nkem Okoro said: He met his bail and the police rearrested him on the excuse that they were taking him to Lokoja the next morning.

This is definitely the world of politics. 

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