“SHO MO AGE MI NI” The trending line now.

Do you know my age?

“Do you know my age?” translated as “sho mo age mi ni” is the most trending line online now.

This line has been used severally in comedy skits and other random videos.

This “slang” was first used in a video where a man was been bullied by another man who was taller and bigger than he is and all he could say was “sho mo age mi ni” as the man continued to bully him.

Celebrities like Odunlade Adekola,  Afebsuo salami, iyabo Ojo amidst others have also taken part in this comedy line by doing videos with it.

Attached below are some links to some of the videos. I must say each videos are creative in its own way and bound to make you laugh.

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