On today’s episode of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt, we shall be looking at having either a platonic relationship or a non-platonic relationship. ☻☻

To begin with, a platonic relationship is one that is not sexual in nature or void of any sexual activity, while non-platonic relationship is one that is sexual in nature.

Lmao, yes guys, people do have a platonic relationship, asper they are actually dating, but they don’t have sex,they don’t even kiss.?

Well, someone messaged me complaining about his girlfriend. Apparently, she doesn’t like doing mushy or sexual stuff like sex or even making out. They’ve been having arguments about this, they’ve broken up and gotten back together a couple of times, but he still wants more and she is not giving him what he wants. He’s not asking for sex, at least, they should just kiss. He doesn’t know what to do at the moment, and he has asked for my help.

Well,I’m not going to be biased, and I’m going to look at this from both sides.

Everyone has their reasons and such reason should be respected. She sees making out with a guy she isn’t married to as fornication, that is a Spiritual aspect. Apparently, it also makes her lose focus from her life goals and from serving God.

Tbh, if that is how she feels, its absolutely fine, but if this is what she wanted from the very beginning, why did she not state it? And, is it actually possible for her to enter into a relationship with that mindset? In this 21st Century??

Being in a platonic relationship just seems like having a guy best friend that you can tell anything and every thing to, and that’s one of the best feelings ever. But, the moment you let your emotions get the better of you, it begins to conflict with what you really want. If a girl wants to be in a platonic relationship, its either she stays single or she dates someone that totally understands her reasons and is ready to go through that walk with her.

Now, the guy should have known fully the type of girl he was about to date. All these things should have been spoken about before they entered the relationship.

It’s now left for him to decide whether or not he can deal. If he knew he could not deal, why did he enter in the first place? I know sometimes, when we are in love, we tend to think with our hearts, but its important we actually think with our heads. It may hurt not dating her in the first place, but its better than going into the relationship and then being deprived.

Personally, I would advise him to respect her decision. If he can survive, then so be it, but if he cannnot, he has to leave the relationship, because the longer he stays, he may be pushed into cheating on her, and that one is just another problem entirely.

Generally, it all points down to the partners knowing what they want. If the girl does not want to do anything sexual, she should state it before entering the relationship. The type of kisses, hugs, sex, etc should be clearly stated.

Also, if the girl willingly and voluntarily accepts to do any sexual related act in the relationship, she should just get ready sha, because the guy would also ask.?

I think that’s all I have to say as regards this matter. If you have any contributions or corrections, feel free to drop your comments at the comment section below.

If you have relationship issues that you’d want to be discussed, drop them at the comment section below, or email me.

And, if you know anyone with this problem, refer them to this post. ??

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