#SexForGrades: UNILAG’s Dr. Boniface Attempts Suicide!

So many things have happened just in the past 24 hours:

  • BBC released a #SexForGrades documentary which exposed UNILAG lecturer, Dr. Boniface.
  • Dr. Boniface bags suspension; and UNILAG shuts down the Cold Room.
  • ASUU is still quiet over this matter, and Twitter is boiling HOT.

However, the #SexForGrades trend does not stop there. Unilag’s Dr. Boniface, the lecturer/pastor that was exposed in the documentary has allegedly attempted suicide.

He has been rushed to the hospital where he is being closely monitored.

Of course, you know Twitter is literally buzzing about this.

Let’s take a look;

Okay, Nigerians are angry!

Spot on.

All Nigerians want!

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