Sex For Grades: UNIPORT Bans Hugging, Launches New Policy.

The University of Port Harcourt, has launched its policy against sexual harassment; in an attempt to curb the sex for grades menace; stating that hugging between lecturers and female students is now an offence.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Ndowa E. S. Lale, at the launch of the policy ceremony; said the University decided to raise the bar on sexual harassment to ensure protection of students; from antics of sexual predators who use their privileged positions to blackmail or railroad their unwilling students.

Furthermore, he said the University management defined the rules of engagement; in terms of the acceptable of engagement between lecturers, administrators and students; and also visitors.

The professor also vowed that sanctions would be meted to earring members of staff.

Additionally, he warned that anyone accused would be presumed guilty until he or she could prove otherwise under the established rules of fair hearing.

He also made sure to stress that the same applied to students who harassed lecturers to award them undeserved grades.

This is all in a bid to put a top to the sex for grades menace in the university.

What are your thoughts on this new policy?

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