#SexForGrades: UNILAG lecturer/pastor casted!!

On Monday, BBC Africa Eye’s released a documentary targeting lecturers in some West African universities who harass their female students for sex in exchange for marks.

After numerous testimonies, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists; disguised as students inside the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.

Senior lecturers at both institutions sexually harassed and pressured the female reporters; who all wore secret cameras on them in a 13-minutes video documentary that was released.

One of the culprits exposed is a UNILAG senior lecturer, Faculty of Arts; who is also the head pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu.

The undercover journalist posed as a 17-year-old student who wanted an admission at the University of Lagos.

Igbeneghu, who invited the teenager to his office for tutorials, subsequently began to have inappropriate conversations with her.

On their first meeting, he wasted no time in commenting on her appearance.

In the 13-minutes secret filming, the lecturer revealed how his colleagues tossed and passed around UNILAG female students for sex.

He disclosed further how his colleagues patronised UNILAG Staff club ‘Cold room’ to commit series of atrocities on female students.

He said to her on camera:

“Do you know that I am a pastor and I’m in my fifties. What will shock you is that even at my age now, if I want a girl of your age – a 17-year-old, all I need is to sweet tongue her and put some money in her hand and I’ll get her,”

The documentary also exposed another lecturer from College of Education in Ghana, Dr. Paul Kwame.

Kiki Mordi, who was once a victim of sexual harassment, revealed what happens behind closed doors at some of the region’s most prestigious universities in the Sex for grades video documentary.

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