Scholarship Jingles:International Scholarship Program At Tor Vergata University, Italy 2019

The Tor Vergata University of Rome is offering scholarship opportunities to Interested applicants who are willing to undergo a degree program at the Institution.


The mission of the University of Rome Tor Vergata is to contribute to people’s education and training, to scientific research and to the technological, organisational and social innovation needed to achieve a truly sustainable development in Italy, Europe and worldwide pursuant to the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations in September 2015.



To be eligible, applicants must;


have a qualification for the access to the University issued by a a foreign higher education institution;

be enrolled within the regular duration of the study course;

have the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Index) not exceeding € 30,000.00.

How To Apply

To accept the scholarship It is necessary to schedule an appointment by phone with the Student General Affairs Office, via Cracovia, 50 (building E, stanza 05) in order to deliver the following documents;


Copy of the fiscal code;

Valid identity document;

Substitutive declaration of certification (here attached) duly completed, with the IBAN code of the current account held by the winning student (in case of a foreign account, please specify the SWITCH Code).



Visit The Official Website For More Information








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