Scholarship Alert: University Of Reading International Excellence Scholarships, UK 2019

We are very pleased to inform interested persons that the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading, UK is offering scholarship opportunities to Interested applicants who are looking to acquire a degree program at the Institution.This program is created for you to make your home in the UK and achieve your academic and career goals. The deadline is March 1 2019.


To be eligible, applicants must;

must be able to confirm that they have/are seeking the means to support any outstanding fees/costs not covered by this scheme i.e. through other funding awards or self-funding.

must Have applied for the undergraduate programmes, including the MSci Speech and Language Therapy and MSci Applied Psychology (Clinical) courses at the University of Reading

must be fluent in English Language

must have good academic records

Basis of Scholarship application

These scholarships is usually awarded based on

Academic performance as indicated by GPA(A-level, IB, foundation results and

Note that the scholarship that you are applying for makes a contribution towards the cost of the tuition fees. If you do receive a scholarship from another source that covers the cost of tuition in full(e.g chevening scholarship) then you will be ineligible for this scholarship . These scholarships can be held in conjunction with other partial scholarships.

Application Process

Applicants are advised to apply using the online application form on the Official website

If you would like to find out more information or speak to a staff member in the school, email us at cls.international@reading.ac.uk


Visit The Official Website  For More Information.









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