Scholarship Alert: Sustainability Management School Make It Happen Scholarship Contest 2018,Switzerland

The Sustainability Management School, Switzerland (SUMAS) in Conjunction with Barilla invites applications from International students who are looking to undergo a degree program at the Institution. The deadline of the application is June 30 2018.

Value Of Scholarships
Scholarships offered by SUMAS to enroll in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sustainability Management and in Sustainable Tourism and Nature Conservation.

50% Paid Tuition
30% Paid Tuition

Applicants must be International students
Applicants must be graduating high school students.

Application Process
Interested applicants are required to write a 3000 words on any of the following projects:

Have you ever thought about how to improve people’s wellbeing through tasty and balanced nutrition?

Some of the sustainability issues in tourism industry concern promoting balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle. How can they raise awareness of balanced nutrition and how can they contribute to reduce food waste?

Send us your project suggesting possible feasible applications of your proposal.

Project 2 – Good4 our Planet: Environment and product life-cycle

Do you have an idea for making the journey of products from the field to the table more sustainable?
Some of the sustainability issues are about reducing environmental footprint in food production and transportation, educating farmers and suppliers in environmentally friendly practices as well as raising awareness among consumers to reduce waste. How can the environmental footprint be reduced in the food supply chain? How can they make food supply sustainable?

Find creative ideas and propose concrete suggestions. Send us your project suggesting possible feasible applications of your proposal.

Visit The Official Website For More Information.

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