Scholarship Alert: Florida University International Scholarship For African Students

In collaboration with Florida International University (FIU), The Université Aube Nouvelle is now accepting applications from Africans who are interested in pursuing a degree program in FIU.
There are 15 open positions for the scholarship , promote cross-cultural research and collaboration and are open to African students.
The priority fields of study include:
Public Administration
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Earth and Environmental Science
Africa and African Diaspora Studies
Application Deadline: 15th July 2018

Applicants must have TOEFL
Applicants must have GRE
Applicants must be Africans
Applicants must Be admitted by one of the participating departments
Applicants must be fluent in English Language and Have excellent academic records.

Application Process
The following are required during application:
Statement of Purpose
Copies of transcript(s)
Bachelors transcript
Masters transcript
Copies of diploma(s)
Copy of Bachelors Diploma
Copy of Masters Diploma
Three (3) recommendation letters
By 2 professors
By a university authority where the student is registered
A copy of your passport
Please send the materials as one (1) single PDF document with materials following the aforementioned order listed.
Please send all materials to the Université Aube Nouvelle by Sunday, July 15, 2018. You can send materials to
boursesfiu@u-auben.com .

Visit The Official Website For More Information.

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