Sad! IMSU Final Year Student Commits Suicide Over Boo-Bae Breakup

It was gathered that an IMSU final year student of Computer Science identified as Agomuo Jennifer unleashed her anger on her boyfriend because of some relationship issues on November 21, 2018.

Several reports have pointed out the cause of the tragic incident being as a result of the fact that her boyfriend’s decided to break up with her.

Also, the boyfriend was also reported to have gone ahead to reclaim all the goodies that the deceased lady had received from him from day one of the relationship.

Deceased Jenny was angered by the boyfriend’s action and a face-off ensued between the duo in Joe Tony Hostel.

This aggravated to the extent that the lady stabbed her boyfriend in anger.

However, it was reported that after Jenn realised what she had done; she decided to commit suicide by drinking a poisonous substance

Fortunately for her boyfriend, he was rescued by the neighbors and taken to Federal Medical Centre, Imo where he is struggling to survive.

However, there is a new update on the IMSU final year student saga.

According to the sister of the deceased, the boyfriend who was believed to be the innocent one is actually not.

In a post on Facebook, the sister of the deceased alleged that her sister suffered abuse at the hands of the  boyfriend while they were in a relationship and she is alleging, giving the history of the relationship that the boyfriend killed her sister, then tried to kill himself by slitting his own throat.

Hi friends,what do you think of this boo-bae break-up situation?

If you were Jenny, would you have done the same thing? Let’s keep our comments coming.

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