Reviews on food canteens and food vendors in Unilag


Review of Food Canteens and Food Vendors in UNILAG.

Hey guys. How is the week going? So, yes, ASUU strike is still on, and most Federal and State Universities have to comply with ASUU. It does not look like the strike is going to be called off soon. You want to read up on ASUU strike, you can click here to read the updates. Asides reading these fantastic books during the ASUU strike and also getting busy during the strike by doing these thingsfreshers, planning on attending UNILAG, can know exactly where to get food from when they resume school. Food is important, but buying good food is importanter. Staylites can also enjoy this post by commenting and relating with their experiences in these canteens. 

There are a lot of food canteens and food vendors in UNILAG. However, there are really popular and good ones.

Let’s have a look at some food canteens and food vendors in UNILAG.

Food canteens
Food canteens and food vendors in UNILAG
  1.   Shop 10: The Original name of this shop is actually Glamos Rare bite, however, its located at Shop 10, Red Bricks, behind GT Bank, UNILAG, which is why it is popularly known as Shop 10. This is the most popular food canteen at Red Bricks. It is filled with a lot of customers everyday and the queue to buy food is deadly. However, they sell really good jollof rice, fried rice, spaghetti, and ye, their yam porridge is to die for. Because of their popularity and standard, their food is expensive, so when buying food at Shop 10, be looking to spend 500 naira and above to get you filled up.
  2. Mavise: These are the green and yellow guys. This food canteen is really good as well. They are located in Red Bricks as well. They also have a canteen in New Hall, Business Admin  and Education (gate). Mavise sells really good and cheap food. A meal worth 300 naira can fill you up, well it also depends on how much you eat. But be careful, there are rumors that their rice isn’t fresh in the morning, so if you want to buy Mavise food, come in the afternoon.
  3. Agoyin Palace: This food canteen sells the best agege bread and ewa agoyin in the whole of Unilag. They are located at Jaja Complex. Trust me, you would want to try their food, it is amazing and mouth watering. They only sell bread and beans and other side attraction you can eat it with, they don’t sell rice or yam and other main dishes.
  4. Iya Moriah:  This food canteen is located at DLI, and their amala is the bomb. UNILAG students literally travel to DLI just to eat Iya Moriah’s amala.
  5.  Korede Spag: Korede is a food vendor that sells amazing food, but what made him popular is his spaghetti and turkey. He sells this for 600 naira. His spaghetti is enriched with cabbage and sausages. People feel that his food is really and unnecessarily spicy. He also sells yam and sauce, rice and beans. He is someone you would love to buy food from in UNILAG. You can find him at Amphitheatre.
  6. Salado: This food canteen has the best salad in UNILAG. I don’t know if that is why they named their canteen Salado. They sell really good food too, but their salad is their best, and it is worth 250 naira.


Food canteens and food vendors
Food Canteens and food vendors in Unilag

Have we missed out a food canteen or food vendor, let us have them at the comments section below. Please, also share your reviews at the comments section below.

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