The Red Flag

Red Flag🚩; The Guys Vs Girls “Bants” War On Twitter & Who is winning

Twitter is buzzing this Friday with the 🚩 #RedFlag

So, as your favorite online magazine, we just had to bring you the gist steaming and fresh as usual.

What‘s the Red Flag?

The hashtag is a collection of funny “danger signs” men and women see in themselves in the course of interaction or most of the time in a relationship

On Twitter, the Red flag is battle of bants about this Danger Signs.

How did the Red Flag Trend Start?

It was discovered that the hashtag was started by the ladies

This was the Gbas in the whole thing

And some other tweet from the girls

This lady was obviously pained by it

But the boys didn’t come to play when they jumped on the trend.

The boys came with the Gbas Gbos Gbas!

And another Gbos

And other gbas gbos’s

While the tweet below is said to have won the #RedFlag War

While this lady seemed to get a Redflag on her RedFlag

A tragic incident

But one Valiant lady from the Land Of Galilee tried to save the day when this happened

She stepped with a brave heart to save the day

But left with a shattered bravado!

Who won this Red Flag Battle?

Let a lady be the judge

It’s all fun and bants, guys. Nothing too serious here.

Share your Red Flag moments with us on Twitter or leave your comment in the comment section below.

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