Which Would You Rather Go?, a Private or a Federal University?

Happy new month fam!

May August be kind to us.

It’s another episode of Campus Conflict and the table I “shaked” some couple of weeks back is still yet to stand #LoL.?

Today, we’ll be doing something different as we’d like to know if you prefer a private University to a federal university.

We are all familiar with the fact that there are two main categories of University in Nigeria which is

1) Private University

2) Federal / State owned University

Most people believe the Private University is meant for the “ajebutters” in other words, the rich ones while the Federal University is meant for the “ajepakos” the “not so financially ok” group.

This is going to be an interactive session as I’ll be waiting in the comments section to know your views.

The question remains:

Which would you rather go?,  a Private University or a Federal University?

Don’t forget to also add your reasons, the comments would be discussed during the next episode of campus conflict we’ll be posting the final judgment. ?



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