living off-campus

Pros And Cons Of Living Off-Campus

Living Off-Campus

In an earlier post, I mention a few advantages and disadvantages of living on a Nigerian Campus. see link below

Five Pros and Cons Of Living On A Nigerian Campus

Today we look at the pros and cons of Living off a Nigerian Campus.

Nigerian Universities have in the past and earlier times made life on campus some what comfortable by providing students with some basic things.

To some extent, there is availability of power, water and a structure that actually works. these are a few things to consider in choosing whether to live on campus or not.

Living off-campus

This is a term used for students who are not living in any hall of residence, some of whom have rented an apartment or are coming from their respective homes.

Living Off-Campus Pros

Here are a list of Living off-campus pros

Your House Your Rules

living off-campus

There is more freedom, independence and less rules. It is your own personal space and you can rock it any way you like it.

compare this with the rules that govern Living on campus.

Flexible Roommate Choice

living off-campus

If you are living off-campus, you get to choose who you want to share your space with. No one is making you accommodate anyone you don’t want to.

Peace and Quiet

living off-campus

This is probably the most significant pros of living off-campus.  There is less movement of random people you don’t know and you get to enjoy and savor the peace and quietness.

Part Of A Larger Community

living off-campus

Unlike the Pros to living on campus where you are a part of a community that is restricted only to the campus. Living Off-campus gives you the opportunity to be part of a larger community.

Living Off-campus cons

Here are a few cons to living Off-Campus


living off-campus

So you want peace and quiet? you have to pay for it! Living off-campus can be somewhat expensive when you look at the costs of renting an apartment and all.

Little or No Campus Experience

living off-campus

One of the exciting things about living on campus is the community, the people and the life of it generally. If you’re living off-campus You miss out on all of these.

Transporting and Commuting

living off-campus

Unlike living On campus where everything is located in a set place, living off-campus makes you spend money to get to basic places places on campus.

More Responsibility

living off-campus

Living off-campus comes with great responsibility. unlike Living on campus where responsibility is shared among the entire system.

If you live off-campus, you are responsible for a lot, your safety included.

Less Social Community

living off-campus

The people in your circle are known and it often time gives no room for a wider social community like living on campus is offering.

The people you probably know are your roommates, the guy next door or a few friends that come over to visit. living on Campus gives room for a wider social community.


So what do You say? Live on campus or not?

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