Some Peculiarities Of Being The Duchess of Sussex.

Yes, we are still basking on the euphoria of the #RoyalWedding. As we all know, Meghan Markle wasn’t born royalty. She has never lived a royal life, as a matter of fact, before she got married to Prince Harry.

Well, this may be odd because there are certain things Meghan, as the Duchess of Sussex, is not supposed to do. These things are what she has been doing almost all the years of her life.

Let’s look at some of these things.

● First, Meghan is no longer allowed to use social media. Before the wedding, social media accounts of Meghan were deleted. As royalty, it is customary to use the palace social media acoounts.

○ Meghan is also not allowed to take selfies. She confirmed this herself when a well-wisher, Barbara Miller, asked for a selfie, and Meghan replied, “we’re not allowed to do selfies”.

● Meghan isn’t allowed to sign autographs. This is because of forgery. It is implied that royal signatures are prone to forgery. Hence, she is only allowed to sign official documents.

○ Meghan cannot vote. As royalty, it is considered unconstitutional to vote. The right to vote is solely vested on Queen Elizabeth.

● She isn’t allowed to fix her nails or use a dark nail polish, as it is considered unethical.

○ Meghan is not allowed to wear mini skirts or dress casually. As royalty, it is customary for them to be seen smart at all times. I think this should be based on the event they are going to.

● Whenever she travels, she must go with her husband and of course, security.

○ Crossing of legs is disallowed; only crossing of legs at the ankle or the slanty Duchess sitting style.

● Her mealtime is 8.30, and she cannot start or stop eating before the Queen. It is considered rude.

○ At family events, she must sit next to her husband.

● It is also considered rude to sleep before the Queen, when at her Palace.

○ When drinking tea, she must not raise her pinky as she is holding the tea cup, and she must drink from the same spot on the tea cup.

The Palace has apparently mitigated the rules, so I wonder how strict the rules were before. ?

But please, most people would legit obey these rules religiously so far they are swimming in the type of money she is enjoying at the moment. ???

Please, drop your comments, let’s know how you feel about the Royalty life.

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