These Popular Nigerian Slangs Are Now In The Oxford Dictionary!

It is a Nigeria to the world feeling, as The Oxford English Dictionary was just updated; and…

Drumroll please,

Twenty nine Nigerian words, slangs and also expressions were included.

Additionally, a blog post on the dictionary’s website; further explained that some of the added words; were indeed borrowed from Nigerian languages and slangs.

Oxford Dictionary Adds ''Chop-chop, Danfo, Mama-put, Tokunbo and 25 Other Nigerian English to Its New Update

Some of the Nigerian words added to the updated Oxford English Dictionary include;

Buka, Bukateria, Chop, Chop-chop, Danfo, Mama put, Okada, Sef, Tokunbo, and others.

What other nigerian slang do you think should be added?

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