OAU Lecturer Arrested For Assaulting Student.

A lecturer of Obafemi Awolowo University has been arrested by the school’s security; after assaulting a student during a brief disagreement.

Adeleye Dolapo was on a queue trying to make a withdrawal from the UBA ATM at White House, Faculty of Science; when a lecturer of Atmospheric Physics, A. I. Ajao assaulted him.

Apparently, the ATM queue was long, that students even had to queue across the road. However, the trouble started when Mr Ajao who was driving by, challenged the students for obstructing the road.

While Dolapo, tried to explain the latter alighted from his car and charged at the student.

Speaking on the incident, Dolapo said;

We had an encounter when he asked every student to leave the road. He came down from his car to threaten me but I never took him seriously because no one bullies another on OAU campus. In the blink of an eye, he already hit me. My phone fell and blood came out of my nose.

Following Mr Ajao’s actions, Dolapo called on other students, and they stormed Ajao’s office, where he confessed to hitting Dolapo out of ‘annoyance’.

However, when the students refused to leave, Mr Ajao called on the school’s security; but when they arrived; and heard the students’ explanation; they agreed that Ajao was indeed guilty of assault.

When asked if the lecturer would be punished or not, Mr Oyatokun, the Chief of security simply said:

nobody is above the law.

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