NYSC: Your All Round Guide Towards Preparation.

Batch C Stream one have been off to camp for a few days now, and the registration portal for Batch C Stream two registration just opened.

So, you are probably confused as to what to do concerning registration and other preparations; but don’t worry, this article clears all your uncertainties.

Moving on,

Because we love you, this article covers four things:

  1. Pre-Registration Procedures.
  2. Registration Procedures.
  3. What You Should Not Go To Camp Without.
  4. Now You Wait.

Pre-Registration Procedures.

First, you should make sure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list; because even if your name is on your school’s senate list, and it’s not on JAMB matriculation list, there’s no registration for you. Nada.

How to qualify for the matriculation list is simple: just reprint your JAMB result and JAMB admission letter out; and you’re good to go!

Check JAMB matriculation list here.

Secondly, make sure that your name is on your school’s senate list.

Check Senate list.

Registration Procedures.

Contrary to how the registration process is usually portrayed, it is actually not all that stressful, so calm down.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

First things first, go to the nysc portal, click mobilization, and click on fresh registration. Create your account using a G-mail email address; yahoo mail may not be recognised.

You can do this on your phone before proceeding to a nearby cyber cafe for registration.

All you need to take along with you is a passport photograph with white background, and ready answers to these questions in the picture below

; so you do not waste time when filling your form.

After registration, keep checking your portal for your call up number, it will come out in the next 24 – 48 hours after you register.

You can begin to work your NYSC state of deployment from here.

What You Should Not Go To Camp Without.

The picture has already done the talking. You should also know that buying all your things from home will save you a lot of money; because things in camp are double the normal price.


Now You Wait….

You have registered,

Your call up number is ready,

You have done all the necessary shopping you need to do,

You are as ready as you can get,

Now you wait for call up letters to be out, so you can know your fate.

Already gone to camp? Share your experiences in the comments box!!


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