Hilarious Reactions As Chicken Finishes In #ChickenRepublic.

Do something for me real quick.

Just imagine you have had a long stressful day at work or school yesterday; and the only thing on your mind was just going to your favourite KFC outlet, to enjoy a very delicious meal of fried chicken among other things.

Now, you’re there; but plot twist, there’s no chicken!

Yes, read that again!

This is what happened in most, if not all, Chicken Republic outlets in Lagos yesterday.

No. it’s not a joke.

#ChickenRepublic is trending on twitter this hot morning; as Nigerians are writing about their experiences of not being able to get chicken in Chicken Republic yesterday.

No chicken in Chicken Republic; you have to admit that it’s funny.

Anyway, moving on;

Meanwhile, some people are coming up with hilarious reasons for the absence of chicken in Chicken Republic yesterday;

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

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