Nigeria’s Top Most Controversial Persons In 2019.

Certain names have trended multiple times; made headlines not just once, or twice. This year has been so eventful; if it’s not twitter trends, it’s a viral video, or a particular opinion, anything!

These five people have been consistent in every controversy or trend rocking the nation.

No matter when, how, or what; these names are always, always being talked about:

1. Tacha, Tacha, Tacha.

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Now, you cannot tell me that there is someone, somewhere in Nigeria that does not have any idea who this girl is.

Even my grandfather knows the name Tacha.

No jokes o!

Tacha tops the list of most controversial persons in Nigeria in 2019! There’s no unseating her from her throne anytime soon.

Although she fully burst into the limelight when she became a Big Brother Nigeria housemate; Tacha has since been stirring trouble, murmurs and attention online; with her raunchy videos and controversial views.

While in the Big Brother house, Tacha made headlines countless times, with her confidence, charisma and no nonsense attitude.

Let’s not forget her fans. The Titans. That fan base is not just a fan base; it’s an empire! This girl trended every single day on twitter for the past three months; and is still trending!

And that phrase! Who can forget it? No leave, no…….

I will leave that for you to complete.

2. Naira Marley.

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Jo soapy soapy, kiri kiri jo soapy.

Ninety-nine percent of Nigerians do not even need an explanation for that first line; but for the one percent that does, i’ll oblige. That is part of the lyrics to the singer’s song, soapy.

The thing about Naira Marley is, he snuck up on every body. Yes, everybody. Well, okay, the ninety-nine percent.

It all started from his unrepentant support for Yahoo-Yahoo (for my oyinbo friends, this means internet fraud); his subsequent arrest by EFCC, and his trial, which is still ongoing.

Now, there’s nowhere in Nigeria you won’t see Marlians. Ahh, those people? They are die-hard fans of Naira Marley.

Naira Marley is controversial for his looks, his lyrics, his views,and of course, that fan base.

And his fans just keep growing!

3. Bobrisky.

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This one does not even need too much long story. Even old people know Bobrisky. I was in a public bus just yesterday, and this elderly woman was telling the driver all about Bobrisky; and how he’s still a man o!

Haha, Nigerians.

Believe it or not, he, oh sorry, she, has fans all over the country.

What is not controversial about Bobrisky?

Is it his cross-dressing? His hilarious videos; and his quest to be a full fledged female?

Remember, “tani bro ewho is your bro?

4. Tonto Dikeh.

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Now this woman is something else entirely when it comes to being controversial. She may not top the list, but she very much belongs there.

From her issues with her alleged one minute ex-husband, wasting no time in giving anyone who tries to advice her the full force of her wrath; her openness about her plastic surgery.

And of course, her very controversial relationship with best friend bobrisky; who by the way, everyone thinks she is sleeping with.

A tangled mess of controversies, if you ask me!

5. Dino Melaye.

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Our very own drama director! This man is too dramatic.

In 2018, while still awaiting trial, Melaye sauntered into the senate, unaided and walking normally. Hours later, as he made to switch seats from the APC section of the chamber to the PDP side of the aisle, Melaye could no longer walk.

Imagine the magic.

Melaye makes all of his political battles into a national movie—from his endless dancing, to his guttural songs; to allegedly going to the International Court of Justice in Hague; to contest the Kogi-West senatorial elections that took place few days ago.

This man turns politics into something else!

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