Nigerians Hypes Up ‘ Black Panther’ Movie

Black Panther” scribbled a note of hope and progress on the African movie platform through out the world and the unifying effect that was caused by the movie between Hollywood and African movie stars.

Black Panther comprises almost black cast in its entirety which is directed by a young African-American director, Ryan Coogler. It was set in the fictional African country of Wakanda and focus on black protagonists, stories and culture.The film drew words out of most Kenyan and Nigerian critics in that it made them part of an huge history and erases worst stereotypes that people have about Africans.They would use Nigerian actors with Nigerian accent to act like a Kenyan character and vice versa. In summary, the movie is like a conduit pipe that penetrates through the hearts of Africans especially and portrays the real African values of community, unity and spirit.

Fans regarded the costumes and comic accents of the characters as indeed a perfect mix.

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