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My +18 Story – A Dream Come True

Who must this be, Dayo didn’t have friends in Church, he was an almost invincible member of the church. I walked forward to see who this person was. ‘Hey sugar…’ I said, tapping him on the back. They both turned to look at me. There they were staring deep in my eyes with excitement. I didn’t know who to stay fixed on. George or Dayo.

My + 18 Story Episode 4

Seeing my husband getting all chummy with George threw me off at first. I didn’t like it and I didn’t want it. This is the guy I literally gave all the green light and he threw me off. Destroying my pride. No, you don’t get to be friends with my husband, no.


So, the strangest thing happened that night. Unconsciously though, but it happened. After we got back from the service and had a few here and there in the house, Dayo and I went to bed, after a few moments of cuddling, we both fell asleep laying spoon to each other.

Now here comes the strange part. Dayo does this weird thing where he wakes up in the middle of the night and spends some time just fixed at my sleeping face before he falls back asleep. Weird right? I have caught him doing that on many occasions.

Now this time was different. I was having a dream and George was in it. In that dream, Dayo was also in it. We were all in a very sexual situation. I was calling out George’s name and my hand was (unconsciously) in its place doing its job. I didn’t know what was happening. Dayo’s name was also mentioned (So I was told later by him). While all this was going on; Dayo was watching me.


The following morning, we followed our usual routine: He takes his medium-sized coffee without sugar, I kiss him goodbye and he spanks my backside and winks goodbye while I continue being a housewife. Unusually, Dayo now wanted sex more and more, and the more I gave in the more he knew it was becoming really boring for me. A routine, if you must say.


I don’t blame him and I know he tried to make me happy in every way but at that point, sex with him was becoming boring and he also knew it.

After a while, I knew that I was never going to have George and I had already given up. Really. We still texted over WhatsApp, but most conversations end with him leaving me on read.

I had given up and I wasn’t even looking for an extramarital affair anymore. I was willing to just focus on Dayo. And Maybe, George in my dreams.

In Dayo’s attempt to see that I enjoy sex with him, he did something really surprising.

One Friday night, after he had returned from work, as usual, we both had dinner and talked about his day. He started giving an accent. A signal that he was getting into character. I knew what was coming, a role play sex and while I was down for it, I wasn’t really down. Everything started going out smoothly, we were playing a scene from a movie we had both seen together or was it porn I imagined. I don’t recall.

So, we were at it when the strangest thing happened. There was a knock on the door. I thought it was in my head till Dayo said ‘Come in’


It was George, in his birthday suit. His very hard birthday suit, it was just as I had imagined it would be, and even a little extra. I was gonna die, I didn’t know what was going on and I looked at Dayo confusedly, my face looked like I’d seen a ghost, at least if I could see it. What was he doing here and what on earth is going on. I quickly used the duvet to cover up my nakedness, looking at Dayo (who rolled his eyes).

‘Isn’t this what you wanted?’ He said, pointing to George. I ignored him and took my eyes off him to watch George as he made his way forward to join us in bed. ‘What on earth is going on’ I thought to myself. Maybe I was dreaming. ‘No, Baby, You’re not dreaming. This is happening now…’ ‘…it’s what you wanted. Dayo said.

I turned to look at George, to catch a glimpse of expression from him, there was none. Was Dayo Paying him, I wondered. I couldn’t wrap my arms around what was going on but I liked where it was going. While I was in my headspace trying to process the moment, Dayo Turned off the lights. The room became pitch black.

Hands. I could feel hands all over my naked body. I was able to tell which was which, Dayo’s hands were familiar, my body knew him but George’s were strange, his smell too, every strange thing was attributed to him. Dayo’s hands were on my breast, fondling them as he knew how to. George had his fingers in my insides but it felt like it was in brains. I was literally going to explode.

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I never agreed to this but I was enjoying it. The stranger leaned in to plant a kiss and I gave in, I had literally been waiting for this moment. Literally. He kissed me and I grabbed his buttocks. Those golden cheeks I’d been dying to grab. Dayo became invincible, even though I could feel his hands all over me.

George smelled different, he felt different and if I could see him I bet he would look different. His lips were on mine and his hands were grabbing tight to my butt. I wanted to reach out and hold his man meat, (my other hand was holding and playing with Dayo’s) but it just felt too much. After so much thinking, I did it. It felt warm and hungry as it throbbed pathetically.

I was having the moment of my life and it was like nothing I imagined. There was no sex but I had never felt so satisfied in a long time. We all lay in bed with me in the middle, George to the right and Dayo the left. There was a strange silence till I broke it.

‘So what just happened?’ I asked…

Dayo laughed and said ‘I just made your dream come through, thank me in the morning’

The following morning, George left very early and we never talked about it that morning; George still visits from time to time, with one mission. Well you know!

A gentle reminder: This is a work of fiction, Characters and events are a result of Imaginations of ‘TheSlutrygoddess

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