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My +18 Story – Not So Crazy In Lust Anymore!!!

Seeing George again only made my situation worse. I wanted him and I didn’t care if he wanted me too, He didn’t look like it, But I swore in my heart that I was going to get him. I was going to do whatever it takes to get that piece of man meat. I’m so crazy in lust for this man.

My +18 Story – Episode 3

If you have ever wanted something so bad, you would understand the dilemma I’m in. Even though I know that George was just the devil’s temptation walking in flesh right before my eyes, I didn’t care. This is one temptation I was ready to dive into.

To be honest; Desperation is a terrible thing. All my energy was targetted at one thing – getting my hands on that piece of man meat. But I have come to learn that sometimes what you think is good for you, isn’t. Dayo may have gotten a hint of what was going on last night, but I really didn’t care. I’m sitting here again a regular horny housewife and the events of last night come flooding in my head:

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I swear I can vividly remember all of it; I couldn’t help my eyes from going back and forth, sizing up George as he walked up and down serving tables. At some point, I felt that he was purposely always coming close to where we were and our eyes locked a few times. His eyes, a deep brown that you can vividly see as it caught few flashes of light.

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My +18 story
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Dayo was talking about a something, I can’t fully remember it right now, but I’m pretty sure they were really not important. Don’t blame me, he hasn’t always been the chatty type. All my attention was on George.

‘You know that guy?’ Dayo asked. OMG, He noticed.

‘No, not really. Just someone from church’ I said as I watched him shrug.

So the rest of the night out ended with me and Dayo drinking and talking and laughing… But there was just something I can not quite understand about that Night; After several moments of eye-locking and vibe catching, I got an unexpected text from George. I mean, part of me expected it, Then again, I am a married woman.


In his text he said ‘Ma, please can you stop looking at me like that… you make me feel so uncomfortable. No offence’

I have never felt so humiliated and unproud. I could feel every pride in me shard off like glass. Immediately I read the message, I looked up to catch him but he wasn’t there. I kept the action but he never showed till the end of our night out. He was gone.

Thinking about these events leaves me hating George. I wasn’t so crazy about him anymore. I didn’t want him (Not really), he destroyed my self-esteem and left me feeling unwanted. The devil in me reminded me of all the good features of him I’ll be missing if I give up now, The good in me reminded me that ‘Dayo was just enough for me.

I came to a conclusion: I will forget about him. It was working for the rest of the day. I didn’t know I could but I was slowly forgetting this man. As the day grew older, I began to prepare for Tuesday service as they’d already called me to remind me that I’d be ushering tonight.

Dayo never misses Tuesday service, He usually goes to the Church straight from church and I meet him there. This Tuesday was not so different. He was early by the way.


I had entered the church auditorium to perform my duties (which by the way I love), I was also eagerly searching for Dayo and just a few minutes into my eye search, I caught him sitting next to a man I didn’t know. They were laughing and nudging each other in an almost too friendly way.

Who must this be, Dayo didn’t have friends in Church, he was an almost invincible member of the church. I walked forward to see who this person was.

‘Hey sugar…’ I said, tapping him on the back. They both turned to look at me. There they were staring deep in my eyes with excitement. I didn’t know who to stay fixed on. George or Dayo.

The Diary Of A Horny Married Woman Will Come To An End Next Week.

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A gentle reminder: This is a work of fiction, Characters and events are a result of Imaginations of ‘TheSlutrygoddess

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